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Cindy Chen

Founder and Head Counsellor

Cindy Chen is a Senior School student at St. Michaels University School who created this camp as well as Helping Hand (its partner project) as a way to give back to the community. She wants to make a difference in the world, no matter how big or small.


In her free time, Cindy enjoys debating, playing piano, Model UN, law, friends, playing volleyball, as well as refereeing volleyball. She is so happy to be running this camp and being a head counsellor! She hopes to see some familiar faces as well!



Grade 8-10

Chosen through a selective process to find the best possible fit, the counsellors for Magic Touch are students from St. Michaels University School between grades 8-10. They will all have the same bright passion for a better future, and they will undergo training to make this camp the best it can possibly be!


Purpose and Goal

Founded and run by a Senior school student at St. Michaels University School, Magic Touch is a non-profit project as well as a summer camp. The proceeds made, go back into the community and into charities matching the existing values of Magic Touch. 

Magic Touch camps are camps specialized in empowering children and youth to become the change in the world. There is a multitude of issues currently going on in the world, and not enough people taking action.


In this camp, there will be a theme each day that the campers will be focusing on. They not only will be learning though but there will also be opportunities to work and improve the aspect which is the main focus of the day. 


The Magic of Our Camp

At Magic Touch Camp, we offer kids structured opportunities for learning and bettering aspects of the world, including themselves. Our camp is designed for kids to promote independence, self-confidence, and a furthered understanding of the world and themselves, all while making new friends and learning exciting new skills. To find out more and to discover if the Magic Touch Camp is a good fit for your child, please read on or get in touch with us! We would be more than happy to answer any questions you have! 

Our Camp Focuses


Who are the people around us who might need an extra helping hand, and what can we do?


You can't help others without helping yourself first! So, how can we make sure that we have a full cup?


We only have one earth, so how can we make it so that it will be better than we found it?


Animals, big and small surround us, so what can we do so that we can all live in peace and happiness?


Our brain health is as important as physical health, so how can we focus on both aspects to improve who wee are?

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